The lecturers are developing the teaching materials leaned on the book “Introduction to programming with greenfoot” by Kölling, and adopting some of their contents into their classes. The training materials for the labs will be designed as on-line course and provided at the training platform Moodle for the students of partner universities. Further, the lecturers have been introduced to the new form of teaching method called flipped classroom, which is successfully implemented at the Faculty of Informatics of WHZ.

The lecturers have meetings and discussions on the methodology of teaching programming with fellow professors at WHZ. The project coordinator Prof. Frank Grimm does the main supervision of the training. Mr. Diushembaev shared his experiences about the collaboration with Prof. Grimm: “I would like to note his great help in developing the course. Their team of teachers has achieved high results in the introduction of new effective techniques for teaching students to information technology at the University of Zwickau. The presentations of our colleague Oliver Arnold were very useful. He described in detail the passage of the educational process and the platform that is in use. We are very grateful to the coordinators of the projects Kumushay Arzybaeva and Bettina Beine for the great organizational assistance during the internship. Cooperation with the teachers at Zwickau University undoubtedly positively influenced our teaching competence. The university has a high level of scientific research. Studies and work at the university are aimed at great results.”

In general, the stay in Germany is going very good, they gained positive impressions, both in terms of human interaction and in terms of the cultural environment. They are also very impressed by architectural monuments, the urban environment, and advanced technologies, which are implemented everywhere.

In the future, they hope to continue cooperation with the University of Zwickau, from which will definitely benefit their home universities and students, who can realize their potential in Germany.